Insulin Prescription

Being prescribed with insulin can be daunting. This section on insulin prescriptions aims to answer insulin prescription questions.

People with diabetes in the UK who require insulin are usually get a prescription, rather than buying insulin, as is the case in some countries.

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Insulin prescription is usually given to type 1 diabetics shortly after diagnosis, but type 2 diabetics can require an insulin prescription if diet and exercise cannot control their blood sugar levels adequately.

Common insulin brands include Iletin, Novolin, Humulin, Humalog and Apidra.

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    Why are diabetics given insulin on prescription?

    Insulin is either prescribed to type 1 diabetics when their bodies cannot naturally regulate blood sugar levels.

    When a healthy diet and regular exercise cannot correct blood sugar levels, insulin is prescribed. Using the links above, you can explore what insulin is.

    Diabetics either do not make enough insulin, or they cannot use the insulin that is available. Type 1 diabetics require insulin for life and will need a regular prescription to keep their blood sugar levels stable.