Insulin Pen Needles


Insulin pen needles and disposable syringes come in a variety of lengths and widths to suit all body types. From 12mm to 8mm and now down even to 4mm, the needle length you choose is likely to be dictated by your size, children being likely to benefit from the shorter 6mm size.

Your healthcare team should be able to advise you as to the best needle for your body shape. When it comes to injecting, to reduce any likely pain it is essential to get the right kit and use the right technique.

Hence, be careful not to fall into sloppy habits as they might lead to irritation at the site of injection, and result in your overall irritation at sore injections. You should also rotate your insulin injection sites.

Insulin needle guides

Read product guides for Sue Marshall with user reviews for insulin needles and accessories and also buy them in the Diabetes Shop.

Always use new needles

Use new needles either for each injection or at least change them once a day.

Do not inject through clothing (or only very rarely).

If you’re an ‘old hand’ at injecting it might be worth your while to have a quick refresher on best practice for injecting to make sure you’re doing it right

Needle technology has evolved and needles have become small, thin, and pain-free. They should be the least of your problems

Needles ranges fit on most insulin pens

Most of the following needle ranges fit on most insulin injection pens, certainly all the Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly pens (Novopens and Humapens) as well as the Autopen range from Owen Mumford, and all are available on prescription.

Gauges and needle length

The measurements that are part of the needle descriptions relate to how long the needle is, but also if it says 31G then the G (or g) is a reference to the gauge of the needle. This donates the thickness, size, or capacity.

The two factors of gauge and needle length will contribute to perceptions of pain when injecting.

The longer the needle is, the harder it is to ‘pressurize’ the insulin through; so it needs a bigger hole down the middle.