Diabetes Risk & Stage Assessment

Do you have a family risk of diabetes? Whether yes or no, do you want to know the probability of your becoming a diabetic in the next 3 years? Then AyurVAID employs the ADRS standardised diabetes risk assessment protocol to determine your ADRS score- your risk level of becoming a diabetic not just today but in the medium to long term.

No blood tests or urine tests! Only if your primary risk score is high you may be advised supplementary screening and laboratory tests to assess the precise stage of your diabetes, if present at all.

A significant percentage of people are un-diagnosed diabetics. Therefore, if your risk score is medium or high then we will assess you to see if any early warning or mature signs of diabetes can be seen by asking you a series of simple questions as per AyurVAID's proprietary LUPPN scale.

In 15 minutes, and without any blood test, AyurVAID will tell you precisely your diabetes risk and the stage of diabetes, if at all, you are in.